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Virgin Mobile Ringtones

Virgin Mobile is one of the more popular cellular service providers in the UK, Australia, France and America. It is basically a virtual network operator that uses the existing operators to provide services to its subscribers. As it uses different kinds of technologies in different sectors, the features it offers to its subscribers also differ accordingly. Hence, the ringtones they offer differ, as well. But the best part about Virgin Mobile is that they offer a great variety of tones. Virgin provides different types of phones like the VirginXtras and the Virgin XL phones. Hence, the company has compiled and accumulated various types of ringtones that can be downloaded from anywhere by its subscribers.  

Virgin Mobile offers many extra features for their subscribers, the most popular being their text ringtones. The user, depending on their model of handset, can send SMS text messages to a particular toll complimentary number and receive his or her favorite ringtone. The next favorites are the MP3 ringtones available on the net. Among the other favorite ringtones are BBC sports, Halloween, Simpsons, Pink Panther, Fraggle Rock, Addams Family and ThunderBirds.


There are also various Web sites that offer a complimentary ringtone catalogue, full of numerous types of ringtones suitable for specific handsets. Some of the complimentary ringtones may also be offered for complimentary during seasonal offers, product launches, and with the release of new musical albums. Also some Virgin Mobile ringtones are available complimentary only for a limited period. Many shareware sites are available which provide the surfers with a great variety of virgin mobile tones and also provide links to other sites that may have such data. As Virgin Mobile provides services across America and Australia, it also provides various ethnic services in certain parts. This may include Indian, Hispanic or Oriental ringtones, depending on the region they are catering to.









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